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NUK - Cool All-Around Turtle Teether

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Color: Pink
NUK Cool All-Around Teether: reaches all parts of your baby’s mouth and helps make teething easier
  • Cools intensively
  • Thanks to its shape, it reaches all parts of your baby’s mouth
  • Different textures give a varying massage
  • Easy-to-grasp, cute turtle shape in appealing colours attracts your baby’s attention as a distraction
  • Suitable for babies over 3 months old, BPA-free
  • Assorted colours - a random one will be selected for shipping

At some point, the time has to come: everything that gets into your little treasure’s hands, will be put straight into the mouth. Add to this frequent drooling as well as only sleeping lightly, then all these signs are an indication that the first little teeth are coming through. This is a particularly unpleasant time for the little ones, as teething can be very painful. Babies often develop the craving to chew and bite to reduce their teething pains. During this time, the NUK Cool All-Around Teether helps to massage the gums and make the teething process easier. The cooling and massaging elements of our teether are designed in such a way that all parts of the mouth can be reached and your little treasure will cheer up very quickly.

NUK Cool All-Around Teether: intensive cooling and massage for teething babies

Our NUK Cool All-Around Teether has four cooling elements filled with sterilised water. This means that the practical teething aid can be kept cool in the refrigerator. Cooling the gums can help ease the teething process, but take care: teethers do not go in the freezer compartment! If they are too cold, they can cause frostbite on the lips and inside the mouth. Our NUK Cool All-Around Teether’s different surfaces ensure variety as well as a gentle massage when bitten. Your baby’s constant attempts at chewing also activate the saliva flow, which helps to soothe your baby's mouth.

Practical help for your teething little ones: teethers from NUK

Our practical teething aids are not only suitable for your little treasure’s teething phase, they are also a very special type of toy: shaped as a brightly coloured turtle, this one’s different materials promote your baby's sense of touch and, thanks to a large opening, they can be particularly easily grasped and held by children's small hands.

The NUK Cool All-Around Teether cannot be boiled. We recommend that you clean the teething aid with warm water and mild detergent and then dry it thoroughly.

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