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    NUK - Space Silicone Pacifier

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    Penguin & Wolf SkyBlue
    Koala & Tiger Green
    Kitten & Hedgehog Pink
    Owl & Panda Turquoise
    Pink Kitten & Penguin
    Bear & Whale Blue
    Owl & Panda Aqua
    Kitten & Polar Bear Pink
    Kitten & Penguin Pink

    The NUK Space™ Orthodontic Pacifiers are a perfect fit for your little one. This pacifier is modeled after mom’s nipple and features a shield that has extra-large openings, enabling maximum airflow and ensuring ultimate comfort for baby.

    The NUK Space Soother is designed to leave as much space as possible around the mouth area and touch as little skin surface as possible in order to reduce irritation.

    It has an approved orthodontic shape with a soft and flexible baglet to reduce pressure on baby's jaw and teeth as well as reduce the risk of tooth misalignment.

    To sterilise soothers use steam, cold water sterilisation or a NUK Steriliser. Dishwasher sterilisation is not suitable as this can cause material damage.

    Available as a duo pack in two designs.