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NUK - Plate with Lid

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Colour: Blue

Pack a lunch with you anywhere you go, no spill, no mess, easy to heat and eat for your hungry weechild.

  • Sloped rim makes feeding easier
  • Anti-slip grip for a secure hold
  • Anti-slip base for safe standing

Soon after their first pureed food most kids wish to join the family at the adults’ table and eat their meals like the big ones. But every beginning is hard. The NUK plate was designed to make this a lot easier for you and your little sunshine.

The plate’s slanted edge is perfect for keeping mash, pureed food and the like on fork and spoon. An anti-slip base provides optimum stability so that knocking the plate over is made difficult. Furthermore, NUK’s plate is made of unbreakable plastic material (BPA-free) and comes with two handles on the sides made of anti-slip material – that way, you and your little one can hold the plate securely.

A lid suitable for keeping the meals fresh is included.

The NUK plate is dishwasher-safe and suitable for being used in the microwave. It is ideal for children at the age of 8 months and up.

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