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    NUK - Toothpaste for Baby

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    NUK Baby Toothpaste

    Ideal care for your baby’s first teeth

    Baby toothpaste, sugar-free, natural apple and banana flavour

    With enzymes to boost the mouth’s natural defences

    Even your baby´s first teeth need to be cared for! And the earlier you introduce your child to cleaning your teeth every day, the easier it will be for your little one to get used to this daily routine. The new toothpaste was made especially for the care and cleaning of your baby’s first little teeth:


    Without fluoride: also suitable for children who are given fluoride tablets

    With enzymes that are also found in breast milk and which boost the mouth’s natural defences

    Natural apple and banana flavour wins over even the most sceptical of little toothbrushers!

    The NUK Baby Toothpaste: for healthy little teeth