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Nestling - Wee Pants Training Undies

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Color: Pink Hummingbird
Pink Hummingbird
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Size: 2-3 Years

Wee Pants Training Undies are ideal when it's time to make the switch from nappies to 'big kid' undies. 

They are perfect for toilet training and catching the 'wee tinkle' that your child does on the way to the loo.

They are made from a stretchy cotton that is great for active children. Stretchy waistband and leg band for extra comfort. The inner hammock has absorbent bamboo layers that are designed to feel wet against the skin, unlike nappies, to help your child transition to using the toilet. You have the ability to add an absorbent layer for longer car rides or sleep time. The outer layer is made with recycled polyester and TPU laminate, is breathable and comes in a range of fun designs.

  • Stretchy leg bands & super soft material 
  • Breathable, bamboo hammock that absorbs wee accidents
  • Funky and fun, modern patterns
  • Environmentally friendly alternative to disposable pull-ups
  • Super easy to wash & dry

To activate the absorbency before your child wears them, soak overnight in cold water. Then wash as per below.

  • Fold inside out and wash the Wee Pants in your washing machine using washing power or liquid that is free from fillers, bleach or fabric softeners. If you have a fabric bag then place the undies in there before you put them in the machine
  • Dry on the washing line pegging the waist band rather than the bamboo hammock. If inside, dry on a drying rack at least 1 metre away from the heater, dehumidifier or heat pump
  • If they feel damp then some parents will put the bamboo on the heated towel rail with the printed material kept well away from any heat 
  • If it is wet day, tumble dry below 40°C

Size Chart

Wee Pants are done by clothing size rather than your child's weight. Don't worry about the leg length, it's how chubby their upper thigh is that is most important as well as their torso circumference.

2-3 years
3-4 years
Upper Leg
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