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Medescan - L'il Booger Buster

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Suitable from birth, The Medescan L'il Booger Buster is an all-natural and safe device that helps to gently clear nasal decongestion for little ones. It comes with two medical-grade silicone tips and two power suction levels that allow you to find the perfect setting for your little one.

Enjoy the added convenience of a built-in LED light and an easy recharge that lasts up to 60 minutes of continuous suction.

When you’re finished, the handy cap will keep the nozzles clean between uses, so you can be sure that your baby's nose is always clean and healthy.


  • Suitable from birth
  • 2 Medical grade silicone tips
  • 2 Power suction levels 
  • Rechargeable
  • LED light 
  • Handy cap to keep the nozzles clean 
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