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    Little Unicorn - Outdoor Picnic Blanket

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    Tropical Leaf
    Sun Baked
    Primrose Patch

    Outdoor blanket is your little sidekick at the beach, park and even as an indoor play mat. Designed with water-resistant fabric to handle any surface or spill, and with a bag less, compact fold to make packing up quick and easy. An adjustable carrying strap and a pocket for your stuff makes this on-the-go blanket a true stroller and trunk essential.

    • Use at the beach, park, as indoor play mat, and under a water table
    • Water-resistant surface
    • Sets up and packs in seconds
    • Bagless, compact fold with shoulder carrying strap
    • Lightly padded for added comfort
    • Easily wipe or shake off debris
    • Large zip pocket
    • 100% Polyester


    Spacious blanket transforms any outdoor event into a dependable home base for your crew. Sized to fit up to 8 people (size 5x10), it's perfect for camping, concerts, sporting events, picnics - you name it. Water-resistant, padded fabric makes it great for all ages and activities. At our largest blanket size, it still remains compact and ideal for everything on-the-go.