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Lamaze - Freddie the Firefly High Chair Toy

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Keep baby entertained at the dinner table with the Freddie the Firefly Highchair Toy.

Freddie helps to pass the time and makes sure your little one looks forward to every meal.

A suction cup attaches Freddie to table tops or high chairs, keeping him firmly in place. Each colourful segment spins around a flexible, bendy stem.

Your baby will be entertained by Freddie's spinning ball, knobbly rings, crinkle wings, and chunky beads which slide around colourful teething wings.

Freddie's bright colours, patterns, clicks and rattles will stimulate coordination as baby connects sight, touch and sound.

Each moving piece invites independent exploration or acts a useful focus to distract baby at dinner time.

The Lamaze Infant Development System takes you and your baby through those key moments of development. 



- Keeps baby entertained at meal times
- Bright colours, textured wings, moving beads and spinning ball for little hands to explore
- Suction cup attaches to table tops or high chairs
- Different parts spin, click, rattle and encourage baby to grasp and turn

20.6 x 8.9 x 20.3cm

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