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    Safe T Sleep - Home Sleepwrap Cot Size

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    Choose your Sleepwrap model according to the 'mattress' size you are using. Suitable for newborn to 24 months plus.

    FITS: Standard and American size Cot/Crib (130cm L x 70cm W x 12-15cm D).

    Helps prevents your baby:
    • Rolling onto their tummy.
    • Crawling under bedding.
    • Becoming jammed in a corner or a bed end.
    • Getting tangled in the bedding or swaddling.
    • Pulling themselves up in the cot/crib.
    • Trying to climb out or falling out of the cot/crib.


    • Makes any swaddling and sleeping bag use cosier and safer
    • More restful, safer sleep
    • Helps maintain a more secure, snug sleeping position
    • Helps keep face and head clear reducing the risk of suffocation
    • Safely positions babies with reflux, colic, colds
    • Helps prevent cot/crib/bed accidents: jamming in slats, climbing and falling
    • Peace of mind for you
    • Helps prevent flat heads, in combo with the little Safe T Sleep HEADwedge
    • Allows natural, comfortable movements
    • Great for visiting, air travel, camping and boating
    • Safely lasts two babies aged 0-2 years plus

    For a full list of all the benefits click here

    We have won the GOLD Award in 2011, 2012 and 2014 at the OHbaby! Awards.Voted Best Baby Safety Product by thousands of parents and supported by Midwives, Paediatricians, Cranio Osteopaths and Cranio Facial Surgeons.

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