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Gummee - Molar Mallet

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Encourage little ones to chew on the mallet when those pesky molars start to erupt!

The Molar Mallet has a highly entertaining wobble base, which is great for teaching baby ‘cause & effect’. It also has the added benefit of keeping the chewing end nice and clean if it is dropped on the floor.

The shield prevents over insertion in the mouth while chewing.

Recommended for use from 12 months.

Key Features:

The wobble base also adds a huge fun factor - babies find it hilarious that this clever device will NOT be knocked down!

Bell in the base provides a cute jingle/rattle noise.

The shield below the chewing top prevents over insertion into the mouth, keeping baby safe!

Specifically designed to reach areas of the jaw that other teethers cannot reach.

Specifically designed to help little ones cope with the irritation caused by the eruption of molars.

The clever design of the wobble base means that this teether is easier to keep hygienic, thanks to the fact that if it is dropped, the chewing end will stay upright!

1 Review
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