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Gummee - 'Anti Scratch' Teething Mitts, 0-3 months

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Newborn – 3 months Gummee Glove Anti-scratch Teething Mittens!

Finally! Anti-scratch mittens that stay on, with the added benefit of a very soft, textured silicone coating to provide relief & stimulation for babies who like to chew. Made from 100% cotton and suitable for babies with eczema.

The Gummee Mitts are designed primarily as STAY-ON anti-scratch mitts, with an added benefit of silicone bumps on the surface to create a gentle massage effect on babies gums when they get the urge to chew.

Key Features:

  • Stay-on secure hook & loop closure around wrist.
  • Adjustable.
  • Silicone bumps to give massaging effect to gums.
  • Lined with 100% absorbent cotton.
  • Machine wash on gentle cycle.
  • BPA, Phthalate and Latex free.

Just look at the reviews:

-My little boy loves them. They really help soothe his gums. He’s 5 months and has big hands but they still fit him. They are constantly in the wash and are still in tip top condition.

-Our 3 month old has been teething and was constantly chewing on his hands these made sure, he could still chew on his hands but in a huge if way plus the dots helped to massage his gums and we now have two teeth! Brilliant product very well made highly recommended! Looking to buy the next stage mitt now too!

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