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Growbright - Airnest Junior Pillow

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Everyone sleeps easy with our safer, breathable airnest system.

The airnest Junior Pillow is specifically designed to support your child's developing body. Like all products in the airnest range, it is made from breathable materials, promoting air flow to help keep them cool while they sleep.

Made from a recycled polyester filling, it is extremely durable and very easy to clean. Again, like all airnest products, the junior pillow is 100% washable. Both the inner and the cover can go in the washing machine and dryer, to ensure your child won’t be sleeping on any nasties! The cover is made from the same airnest-lite material as our mattress cover, it is 100% breathable, 100% washable and it is Oeko-Tex class one, classified safe for babies.

An eco-friendly option; the filling is recycled, saving waste from going to landfill, and because it is so easily washable, you can use it for many more years than a standard pillow, or for more than just one child.

NZ Designed and assembled.

The dimensions are the same as a standard pillow, so it fits all pillow cases and the inner can be changed over time as your child grows and needs a higher profile.

Suitable for children approx 18 months - 8 years. As a general rule, you can introduce a pillow when your toddler moves into their ‘big bed’

Dimensions: approx 69L x 45W x 11H cm
7 Reviews
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