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Lamaze - Friends Book

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Soft Lamaze Friends pages features friendly woodland characters, colours, textures, and sounds to encourage exploration.

Even at a very young age, children can begin to understand the process of reading. Reading fosters imagination and the idea of possible worlds. Through identification with characters in a book, children learn social skills such as sharing, taking turns, and cooperation. Reading also allows children to learn about their environment. As they begin to point out places and objects that are new, they learn the concepts of shape, colour, and size. A child and caregiver bond in a warm and loving way through the experience of sharing a book.

Lamaze Books are developed in conjunction with developmental experts. The back cover of each book includes play ideas, ways to use the book, the benefits of reading to your child, and developmental stages for that specific age. 

 Easy on-the-go clip
- Squeaker, rattle and crinkle sounds
- Multiple Textures to explore
- Soft Friendly Animals are Great For Tactile Exploration
- Ages Birth And Up

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