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    Doddl - Cutlery Carry Case

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    If you’ve made the exceptionally good decision to buy a set of Doddl children’s cutlery you can’t go wrong with adding the Doddl case to your basket.
    It will help keep your cutlery clean and hygienic when you’re out and about, and give you somewhere to pop them in to when your mealtime is over. And it’s dishwasher safe, win win!


    • Doddl cutlery case in cool grey is both functional and stylish
    • Suitable for the Doddl children’s knife, fork and spoon set and Doddl children’s fork and spoon set
    • Keeps your Doddl cutlery safe and hygienic
    • Perfect for trips out and about with your little ones
    • Clip connects to all bags
    • Dishwasher safe