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    Doddl - Baby Cutlery Set 2 piece 6M+

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    It’s time to start weaning your baby, so you’re looking for safe baby cutlery perfectly  designed to help your little one learn at every mealtime. Thankfully you’re in the right place! With doddl you can watch your little one safely explore cutlery as they start to grasp the wonders of food, textures and tastes!

    This fork and spoon set has short compact handles that are easy for your baby to hold whilst reducing the gag risk and have smooth ends that feel comfortable in your baby’s mouth.


    Love love love these!The perfect size for small hands. These helped my little girl so much learning to use a spoon and fork absolutely recommend! Very strong and sturdy.”

    Fantastic little set! Easy for little hands and fantastic for getting them used to handling cutlery and improving their fine motor skills. We tried lots of different ones and settled on this Now it’s your turn! Explore the sections below for even more information on why parents and children love doddl so much.Suitable for babies 6+ months

    • Certified safe for babies
    • BPA and phthalates free materials
    • Dishwasher safe
    • Short and compact handles make cutlery easier to grip and control
    • Bright soft touch areas help finger placement
    • Utensil ends perfectly sized for little mouths and shaped for comfort
    • 2-piece set builds familiarity with cutlery and encourages babies to hold a piece in each hand, working both sides of the brain equally
    • Bright and functional compact case keeps cutlery safe and hygienic
    • Award winning British design