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Brolly Sheets -Snazzi Pants Day Trainers - Organic

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Color: Dino Dash
Dino Dash
Sprouty Sprout
Sparkle Squad
Hazy Daze
Pink Bubblegum
Size: 1-2 Years

Your little one is going to love the NEW Snazzi Pants Day Trainers, where the world of organic cotton comfort meets ingenious design. 

Made from organic cotton with a soft waterproof panel, they look and feel like undies, but give you peace of mind. They allow your toddler to feel wetness while minimising the need for clothing changes and protects your floors and furniture from big cleanups.

When you start day time potty training, your child is still learning the signals from their brain that they need to go to the toilet; the organic Snazzi Pants Day Trainers are designed to help with this step. They are easy for your child to take off and put on and promote independence by using an “undie” style rather than a nappy.

They are not to replace nappies, as they only hold a small amount of wee (about 120ml), but rather designed to give you and your child a little security when at home or out and about whilst they are still learning.

We redesigned our sizing to perfectly align with other child underwear brands. These pants make navigating the toilet training phase a breeze. Growing independence effortlessly while embracing both convenience and eco-friendly flair.

  • The Perfect Transition from Nappies to Undies
  • Designed to help with daytime potty training
  • 95% Organic Cotton with a soft waterproof panel
  • Reusable & Eco-Friendly
  • Look & feel like undies
  • Designs the kids will love
  • Gives you peace of mind when accidents occur


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