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Bibado - Dawn the Dinosaur Teething Book

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Dawn's First Tooth is a beautifully illustrated, easy-to-read, lift-the-flap storybook designed to encourage curiosity and support the Bibado Dawn the Dinosaur™ Multi-Sensory Teether.

Written by Bibado founder, mum and Dentist, Rachel, the entertaining rhyming story helps parents explain to their children how their teeth erupt, what their teeth and mouth do, and the vital role teeth play in chewing and eating.

Follow the adorable, curious Dawn on her teething journey as she develops the feeding skills required to eat leaves just like her Mummy and Daddy.

Use the book alongside your Dawn the Dinosaur Teether to munch along as you explore the story together - with each of Dawn’s body parts supporting and strengthening a different mouth muscle group. It’s a great way to practice the skills needed for successful feeding while fostering your little one’s curiosity - helping them discover their own mouths and bodies with the help of their new best friend.

The rhyming story helps to retain attention, while the lift-the-flaps feature promotes interaction with the book and develops hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

Enjoy quality time reading together and use Dawn's fun and enchanting story to encourage your little one to play with, and discover their Dawn the Dinosaur™ Teether.

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