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Bibado - Dawn The Dinosaur ™ Teether

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Dawn the Dinosaur™ is a unique, Multi-Sensory Teether designed to strengthen and develop mouth muscles and help curious little mouths unlock the secrets to biting and chewing. 

Bibado founder, Rachel is an experienced Dentist, and mum of twins, and has lovingly designed Dawn to provide vital support to families and babies by offering a completely new take on the traditional teether.

Created in line with our famous attention to child feeding development, each of Dawn’s features has been carefully crafted to help your little one master a different key mealtime mouth movement. Interesting and varied textures inspire sensory exploration and encourage little ones to establish the essential skills of moving food around the mouth, sucking, chewing and safe swallowing.

Her engaging character and subtle minty flavour help to foster attachment and promote regular use. The more often your little one uses Dawn, the more they’ll explore and love her too while mastering the fundamentals of independent feeding.

Dawn the Dinosaur™ is also an innovative and exciting new way to soothe little mouths and alleviate pain during every stage of teething.  

She’s no ordinary teether. Dawn is your little one’s new best friend. She's full of research-backed, developmental features proven to help set babies and toddlers up for successful feeding, speech development and more.



Dawn is made from premium, BPA-free, food-grade silicone so you can rest assured she is safe for little ones to chew on and explore from 3 months. Gentle and kind to sore little gums, Dawn’s textured features can also be use to offer relief during the various stages of teething discomfort. DO NOT PLACE TEETHERS IN THE FREEZER. The teether can be placed in the fridge to help cool sore little gums but in line with NHS guidelines, they should not, under any circumstances, be placed in the freezer.

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