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Baby Shusher

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SILVER Award for the best Sleep Aid 2022- OHBaby! Awards 

Don't lose your voice shushing your baby to sleep.

Baby Shusher uses a rhythmic "Shhh" sound to break baby's crying spell. For newborn babies, this mimics life in the womb where babies hear tons of sounds throughout the day. It's much more effective than just using white noise.

The sound can be set for 15 or 30 minutes, depending on your baby's needs. Simply twist the top section to select the time you want.

The Baby Shusher is wireless and portable, so it goes anywhere baby goes. Each device comes with a handy wrist strap making it easier to carry or tether to the carseat.

Most newborn photographers and sleep consultants around the world now recommend the Baby Shusher as their number one tool to get their little babies settled and off to sleep. That is such an amazing testament to hear!

  • Portable, easy-to-use design, removable wrist strap gives you the option to carry your baby while putting them to sleep, and comes with 2 AA batteries so you can put your sleep aid to work as soon as you open the package
  • Made from easy-to-clean, durable, BPA-Free material


Silver for BEST SLEEP AID in the OHBaby! Awards NZ 2022

Voted as the BEST SLEEP AID Ohbaby! Awards NZ 2020. 

OHbaby! 2018 Gold Award Winner and Voted by parents as BabyList’s 2019 Best Product Award — Makes the ideal baby shower gift!

BABY GIFTS: Perfect present for every new Mother and Universal gift giving.

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2 Reviews
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