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    Baby Loves Sleep - Original Sleep Swaddle Summer Cool

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    Those warm summer nights can make it difficult to sleep deeply and wake refreshed and relaxed in the morning – even for your baby!  

    This Baby Loves Sleep - sleep sack gives you all the features you know and love from our original  sleep sack: full-body length zip with top zipper cover and a long zip along the bottom for simple middle-of-the-night nappy changes; plus its hip-friendly wide sake design that can easily accommodate a hip dysplasia brace.

    To help your baby sleep more comfortably on warm nights, the Baby Loves Sleep Cool features a soft, light mesh fabric to encourage air circulation around your baby, keeping their body temperature cool and constant.


    Baby Safety Approved

    Our Baby Loves Sleep sleep suit has the INPAA tick of approval.  INPAA is a privately owned and operated organisation, and the key representative body in the Australian nursery industry. Its primary objective is to lead the development of safer nursery products and to promote the safe consumer use of products and to encourage suppliers to develop infant nursery products that are safe in design and that will be safely used by consumers. INPAA operates in close conjunction with groups such as SIDS & Kids, Kidsafe and the Australian Child Restraint Resource Initiative (ACRI).  

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    Care Instructions

    The Baby Loves Sleep sleep suits are best washed in cold machine wash, and best washed with the zip done up, wash dark colours separately, do not bleach, do not tumble dry, dry flat, warm iron inside out, do not dry clean, do not place iron directly on print.

    Size Guide

    This is designed to be a looser fit than most other swaddle suits and is most effective in helping your baby adjust to free arms with the correct size.This swaddle is all  about the arm span so it’s important to choose the correct size. If too big, your baby will not get the security and snug fit that they still need.

    NOTE: the below measurements does not include baby's head.

    Small (3-6 months) - suitable for babies aged from 3 - 6 months, weighing 6 - 8 kg. The length of the sleep suit is approx. 65cm.

    • Medium (6-12 months) - suitable for babies aged from 6 - 12 months, weighing 8 - 10 kg. The length of the sleep suit is approx. 75cm.

    Summer - baby can simply wear a singlet and nappy/diaper under the Baby Loves Sleep sleep suit to ensure they are not too hot . With soaring temperatures, it is best to keep baby's room temperature between 18-20C. Avoid dressing baby in synthetic or un-natural materials including bedding as this will cause them to sweat and overheat.


    We use only high grade premium Cotton fabrics in all our products. Cotton is a natural material and is 100% breathable so babies won't sweat or overheat and is suitable for eczema.

    Sleepy Hugs 'Cool' is made from cotton jersey with soft mesh fabric inserts that allow for a continuous flow of air around your baby, keeping them cool and comfortable all night long.


    How/why does the Baby Loves Sleep sleep suit work?

    In essence, the Baby Loves Sleep sleep suit has been designed to allow your baby to move their arms freely while still providing an enclosed, secure feeling that they enjoy. It is designed as a totally enclosed sleep suit but with a slight resistance in the arms so that they can move their arms around freely yet gives them that 'edge' feeling. So, when they experience a startle reflex, they immediately feel secure.