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Baby Beats - Heartbeat Animals with Soundbox Recorder

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Color: Lamb
Giraffe Apollo
Bunny Clover
Clothing: Blue Bow-Tie & Pink Tutu

The perfect gift idea for any age! 

Baby Beats friends are soft and cuddly, but won’t be tempted to follow the pack. Gentle and kind, Baby Beats are the life of the party, telling one good story after another.

Like most other animals, Baby Beats are extremely playful leaping through the tall grass with cute tails but don’t feel baa-ad if Baby Beats soft coat gets a little dirty though, it’s washable, and with a gentle wipe, you’ll have it clean again in two shakes! 

Baby Beats will be sure to keep your babies’ heartbeat safe.

Baby Beats is a super cute way to record your baby’s heartbeat while they’re still in utero.

Just squeeze the heart-shaped recorder when your doctor is monitoring baby's heartbeat during your ultrasound appointment and you’ll have a precious recording forever and ever.

Pop the heart into your Heartbeat Animal soft toy. Then, with a quick, squeezy cuddle you can listen to that unmistakable 'swoosh, swoosh' whenever you want.

A tutu (it’s a girl) and bow tie (it’s a boy) included for a gender reveal option.

You can also record a special message for your toddler or child. Great for your wee ones if you need to go away, they can simply press the button and hear your goodnight message to them each night.

Also did you know, if you have a previous recording of your baby’s heartbeat stored onto your mobile phone or USB, you can easily transfer a recording of your baby's heartbeat onto one of our modules to create your Heartbeat animal to enjoy for years to come. Siblings-to-be will love it!

IMPORTANT – Remember to backup baby’s heartbeat for safe keeping


Made from soft fake rabbit plush
Stuffed with Polypropylene Cotton
Plastic eyes and nose
20-second red heart recording module
Tutu and a bow tie
Baby Beats logo embroidered on the paw pad.


43cm high x 28 cm wide x 15 cm deep (perfect snuggle size)

Compliant with Australian and New Zealand Toy Safety Standards

1 Review
| 5 answered questions