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    Purely Baby - Disposable Changing Mats 10pc

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    Purely Baby Disposable Changing Mats are absorbent, compact and disposable.

    Our mats are perfect for changing your baby whilst on the go. The compact folded size makes them ideal to fit into your bag and makes changing baby’s nappy easy and simple, wherever you are.  

    Designed to offer maximum comfort and protection to your baby,  no more cold changing areas!  Purely Baby® changing mats have an extra soft breathable top layer to promote rapid absorption of liquid into the mat, with a waterproof film backing sheet to catch any ‘accidents’.

    Product Features:-

    • Large size 60 x 60cm
    • Hygienic Nappy Changing (can also be used as bed/chair protection but must be under adult supervision)
    • Pack size: 10 mats per pack
    • Absorbency level >700ml
    • Disposable (do not flush – place in suitable bin for general household waste)
    • Soft breathable top sheet keeps surfaces clean and dry
    • Waterproof backing sheet
    • Super absorption fluff pulp and S.A.P.
    • Perfect changing bag accessory

    Safety Warning: Avoid danger of suffocation and strangulation please keep all packaging material away from babies and children.  If used on soft surfaces ie. chair or cot MUST be under adult supervision at all times.  

    If using overnight for children over 12 months old the changing mat must always be placed under the bed linen with white absorbent top surface face up.