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Covid 19 Announcement - Orders with Sleepytot

Hi all 

28th April Level 3 Update - all items on our website will now be sent.

Thanks so much for your patience. For those customers who have purchased non-essential items during the previous 5 weeks your orders will be heading out first thing Tuesday morning YAY! 



I hope you and your family are all safely tucked up at home and are doing okay. If if you are an essential worker thank you for all that you are doing to keep us safe.

*New Update on our online business*. This may change at any time but we will keep you updated as new guidelines arise. 

As from the 26th March we have been deemed an essential business, due to the fact that we sell goods for babies, children and families that are not readily available in Supermarkets and Pharmacies.  These are products essential for the well-being of families / and or fast moving items that cannot be purchased elsewhere due to product shortage.  These include our sanitisers, anti-bacterial sprays, breast pumps, dry mist vapourisers, food, supplements for pregnancy and childbirth, pharmaceutical products and warm clothing for babies sleep. Please see a list of essential items below we have been approved for. 

In regards to the sanitisers customers are depending on these products for their families health and safety.  We have essential workers such as Lab Staff and Police Officers purchase these as they can no longer find them in the supermarket or pharmacies. We also have ordered more hospital grade 75% alcohol sanitisers arriving at the end of April which will be available to purchase in 100ml, 250ml and 500ml bottles. 

We have everything in place to do this in a safe and secure manner. I will be working from home as will Emma and Jane. Marc will be the only one to complete these pre-orders and current essential orders and will be sanitising as he goes, wearing a mask and gloves. We are also spraying down packages with our New Edition 30 day sanitising spray! We have also adopted a safe manner with regards to the courier pick up. We have been working very closely with NZ Post in regards to this.

To ease the burden of any courier deliveries please only shop for the above essential items

The items listed are the items we have been approved for this far by the MBIE approval ID : MBIEEB - 72

Sanitisers, Anti-bacterial Spray, Wipes

Dry mist vaporizers and oils to assist with breathing, colds, coughs, croup, asthma

Immunity Products to build Immune System


Nasal Suction equipment for children

Sleeping bags, Sleeping Suits and Layers for warmth for children

Blankets for children   


Breastfeeding Equipment

Menstrual Products

Sleep Aids for children for anxiety

Baby Bottles and warmers to heat milk

Equipment for the transport of babies - car seats and mirrors

Healing ointment for Nappy Rashes

Natural cleansing products for children suffering from eczema

Children's Natural cough syrups and chest rubs



Products to assist Mothers in labour, or impending labour

Natural Lice treatment

Hats,  Beanies and booties for warmth

Breast pumps

Food pouches for babies food

Pregnancy anti-sickness dehydration sachets

Baby Monitors

Pram protection products (covers for prams to protect children)

Teethers for relief of teething

Hygiene products to assist with washing and storage of food

Products to assist with eating – for hygiene purposes and to assist with children with sensory and or disabled needs.

NB This document is fluid and will be updated as we are provided more guidelines from the MBIE and Government. 


Stay safe everyone.
Fiona and Marc 




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