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9 Easy Snacks for Toddlers

You can stop looking for ideas on healthy and easy snacks for toddlers because we’ve got the best ones here to share with you! Ideal for fussy eaters and perfect for busy parents. See them now.

As a parent, coming up with new and exciting ideas for snacks for toddlers is probably high on your list of things to do. It also probably takes up a considerably large amount of time too. But not anymore, because the Sleepytot team have put our heads together and created NZ’s best list of snack ideas for toddlers and young children.

Top 9 Healthy and Simple Snacks for Toddlers

We’re parents too, and feeding our kids food which is healthy, affordable and easy to prepare is a priority. We have found that by having a variety of toddler snacks up our sleeve works best. This allows us to replace one with another should they suddenly decide they hate it! Here are nine of our favourite ideas for snacks for toddlers:

  1. Muffins – made in mini muffin tins, there seems to be no limit as to what they can include. Our favourites are blueberry and banana muffins, and cheese muffins.
  2. Hummus and crackers – toddlers love to use their fingers to learn new skills, and scooping up hummus on a cracker is one of them. Fingers are also really handy tools for hummus scooping too!
  3. Sandwich cubes – ever noticed how large food pieces always end up on the floor? Cut sandwiches into small cubes and they are more likely to be eaten. Fillings such as grated carrot and cheese or marmite work good.
  4. Fruit leather – dried and pureed fruit cut into strips makes a nice sweet treat for older toddlers, these are a great snack on the go. Try popping them in a No Spill Silicone Snack Container 
  5. Vegetable pieces – small chopped pieces of cucumber, cherry tomatoes, grated carrot and snap peas work well. We suggest keeping them in a sturdy container like the Nuk Two Suction Bowls which have a lid and a suction base.
  6. Yogurt or fruit puree – thanks to handy reusable food pouches, a toddler eating yogurt no longer makes an enormous mess! We like using smooth yogurt without bits, as this makes the pouches easier to clean.
  7. Pasta – cooked pasta is a great finger food snack for toddlers. Add some pureed or finely diced vegetables for some added fibre.
  8. Toast – there are plenty of spread ideas for fingers of toast. Our favourites are mashed avocado and cottage cheese (not together, of course).
  9. Hard-boiled eggs – a good staple to keep in the fridge, they give a high protein snack to help keep little tummies full for longer.


Petite Eats Suction Plate Pictured

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