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    AuCuTee S5:


    I purchased one of these at the baby show and it has completely transformed my baby’s sleep! He never napped during the day, he now has three naps during the day and sleeps all night! He also goes down without a fight as long as I have this machine playing. It can continuously play all night which is fantastic as you don’t have to keep turning it back on, and I think I’ve only charged it twice, the battery life lasts forever. Hands down best purchase for my baby’s sleep!

    Sleepytot - The Ultimate Diffuser:


    Wow … just wow , amazing product , worth the price 100% the difuser is strong and made our babies room smell fresh and calm . The multiply light colours and tones are beautiful andthe different noise options are very calm and soothing . Favourite part about this product is the look of it ! But yes my baby and whole family love it and would 100% recommend if you can spare the worth it price .

    Sleepytot Comforters- No More Dummy Runs

    -Daniel and Claire

    Our wee princess had reflux and needed a dummy to settle at night. When she woke during the night she would scream for her dummy so in and out of the room we would go…all night! Since her sleepytot arrived she still wakes but is able to find her sleepytot and dummy and settle herself…now we all sleep well, thank you.

    Baby Shusher:

    -Alana Burgess

    So in love with our baby shusher. I'd purchased this for our 3rd baby now 3 months old but due to a medical condition I've been in hospital leaving my partner to raise our two youngest - our 26 month old has taken to crying himself to sleep brought out the shusher tonight out to it in 3 mins! Having woken up number 2 in the process the shusher is now settling him as well! May need to invest in another such an amazing product.

    Lulla Doll:


    Lulla arrived 10 minutes before my 6 month old was due for his morning nap. Gave it to him and he ended up having the longest nap he has ever had (without me resettling)! I thought that it might have been a coincidence, however he did the same for his afternoon nap! I was so impressed I ordered a second one to have as a back up! Thank you so much! Lulla is worth every cent!

    Doddl Cutlery Set:


    The Doddl utensils are amaaaazing! The reason I almost didnt buy them was how it said handwash only. But I’ve popped it in the dishwasher every day since I bought them and they’re still bright and all good! Just in case anyone else was thinking the same as I was?