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Tommee Tippee - Rechargable Light and Sound Sleep Aid

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Style: Pip the Panda
Designed to help parents and baby get a good nights sleep. With 6 soothing sounds and gentle warm glow to help settle baby to sleep.  When baby stirs, the intelligent CrySensor automatically activates the last sound selected to help baby resettle on their own.

The perfect sleep companion - soft and super plush!

Choose from Ollie the Owl or Pip the Panda.

  • 85% of babies sleep better with a Tommee Tippee light and sound sleep aid*
  • Rechargeable – USB power pack means no need to keep replacing batteries
  • Intelligent CrySensor technology responds to crying noise by playing 20 minutes of soothing sounds or lullabies to soothe baby, meaning fewer wake up calls for mum or dad
  • 6 natural soothing sounds – choose from heartbeat, rainfall and white noise or 3 lullabies
  • You’re in control – dimmable heart-shaped light allows you to choose right level of brightness for your nursery and automatically switches off after 30 minutes to save energy
  • Looks great in any nursery – cute and cuddly, gender neutral design suits all décor and styles
  • When fully charged, the battery should last approx 25 hours on the highest energy level and 75 hours on lowest energy level
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