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Zazu - Wall Sensor Nightlight with Plush Toys

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This Wall Sensor Nightlight is a very adorable and unique wall light for your child’s room.

Operated by hand gestures, this multi colour light with adjustable brightness is run by 2 large rechargeable batteries. No socket nearby necessary.

It comes with 3 super cute magnetic friends too! Just click you favourite onto the ring.

To turn on and off, simply wave your hand under the sensor at the base of the light. If you would like to adjust the brightness, hover your hand under the sensor to dim or make brighter. And finally, to change the colour of the ring, just tap to pick either white, orange, red, pink, blue, turquoise or green.

  • rechargeable (comes with USB cable)
  • includes 3 soft toys
  • Auto shut-off after 45 mins


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