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    BiBaDo - Double Dribble The Ultimate Neckerchief Bib

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    Dribble? What dribble! 

    Our super absorbent fabric and multiple layers mean this dribble bib will keep your little one dry under their chin, helping to reduce nasty rashes too!

    The Double Dribble bib is the only neckerchief dribble bib that will last all day, looking great…because bibs have to handle more than just dribble!

    When my girls were little, they wore bandana bibs all the time. They looked great... for the first 5 minutes! But as we all know, bibs have to handle more than just dribble. Before you know it, you're wiping milk, food (and far worse!) from their face and that cute little accessory now looks like a dirty rag! That's why I've created the "all-day dribble bib". One bib that will look great, front and back, all day even for the most dribbly and messy kids!


    Why the Double Dribble is so awesome and different to existing dribble bibs:
    • Two separate layers. The underneath for wiping dribble away, keeping the top of the bib dryer for longer
    • Avoid nasty rashes by keep chins dryer than your average dribble bib 
    • Super soft material
    • Ultra absorbent bamboo fabric
    • Sustainable alternative to cotton
    • Antibacterial and Hypoallergenic 
    • 4 cute and smart designs