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Woolbabe - Summer Sleep Bags

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Size: 3-24 Months

Our summer Woolbabe sleeping bag is absolutely gorgeous and perfect for the warmer months. it can be used from about 24 to 32 degree room temperature, just by varying the clothing inside the bag.

OHBaby! Awards 2018, 2020 & 2022 - GOLD WINNER - Best Baby/Toddler Sleeping Bag - Woolbabe Sleeping Bag
OHBaby! Awards 2020 & 2022 - GOLD WINNER - Most Recommended Product - Woolbabe Sleeping Bag
Australian Non-toxic Awards 2020 - GOLD WINNER - Best Baby Sleeping Bag
Australian Non-toxic Awards 2020 - Editor's Choice - Baby Sleeping Bag

It is made from 1 layer of gorgeous 30% super fine merino/70% soft organic cotton blend fabric. This beautifully soft fabric is knitted specially for Woolbabe! It is suitable for babies with eczema or sensitive skin, as it is so soft and does not feel at all woolly or scratchy.


  • Comfort baby and keep her warm, without the need for additional bedding.
  • Baby will be the right temperature all night - there are no sheets or blankets to kick off while in a baby sleeping bag, so your baby won't wake up cold.
  • Reduce wake up's from baby being cold - With a a consistent, warm temperature all night, your baby is less likely to wake from the cold (they may still wake if there are issues with sleep associations or self settling).
  • Ensure baby sleeps safely - there are no sheets or blankets to wriggle under or pose a suffocation threat so you can help create a safer sleep environment for baby.
  • Prevent wake up's from baby getting her feet stuck between the cot bars - baby sleeping bags prevent little feet from becoming stuck between them.
  • A sleeping bag is a positive sleep association so the transition from  bassinet to a cot, and later from a cot to a bed, is less daunting because the sleeping conditions remain the same.
  • Complete the bedtime routine in baby's sleeping bag - you can cuddle your baby and then place them in their cot, which makes settling much easier.
  • Create a positive sleep association - your baby will quickly develop a sleep association with their sleeping bag, meaning that every time they are put in their bag, it's a strong cue that it's time to sleep.
  • A sleeping bag is a sleep environment that is safe and familiar, so when taking your baby sleeping bag on holiday or when visiting family and friends, your baby sleeps has their usual sleep cue.
  • Travel sleeping bags, which have a slot of the pushchair buckle, helps baby with a regular sleeping routine, even when you are are out as it also allows your child to go into a pushchair or a buggy and then simply transfer your baby to their cot or bed.

The combination of wool and organic cotton offers the best of both worlds, providing a light cover for your child in warmer conditions.  These conditions are often more difficult to gauge what your child should sleep in.  

The wool component still provides the qualities which react to changes in body temperatures, keeping baby at a constant body temperature, which encourages everyone to have a good night's sleep.

The front zip means there are no domes to do up on the shoulder or for little wrigglers to pop open. Just lie baby down, arms through the arm-holes and zip!

Washing Instructions:

Woolbabe sleeping bags can be gentle machine washed with a liquid woolwash. You can also low tumble dry your bag but please be aware some shrinkage may occur with tumble drying.

We recommend drying immediately after washing by either hanging flat or low tumble drying.

Size Guide:


3-24 months
2-4 years
3-6 years
A: Total Length
B: Chest
C: Arm Hole
D: Total Width

Choose the correct size Woolbabe sleeping bag or sleepwear item for your baby now. For example the size 2-4yr Woolbabe is designed for toddlers that comfortably fit size 2 pants and weigh at least 12kg. Choosing to purchase a size that's too big for your baby puts them at risk of it not fitting safely. If you're worried that you'll only get a few months of use, keep in mind that Woolbabe sleeping bags are generously sized and are the longest baby sleeping bags on the market. We often get positive feedback from parents that their 2 year olds are still using their 3-24 month size Woolbabe sleeping bag comfortably and haven't yet outgrown it. 
Fire Safety - This product complies with the Product Safety Standard (Children’s Nightwear and Limited Daywear Having Reduced Fire Hazard) Regulations 2016 and  Safety Standard AS/NZS 1249:2014 (Children's Nightwear and Limited Daywear having Reduced Fire Hazard).  Please see our FAQ for an in depth description.  

4 Reviews
| 2 answered questions