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    The Sunday Nursery Bag - Prene Bags

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    The Sunday Bag from Prene is the ultimate companion for on-the-go mums and bubs, featuring fourteen storage pockets and including a matching baby change mat and mini bag that can be easily stored in the base compartment. It can easily be used as an everyday, overnight or even gym bag.  

    Let’s take a look at its benefits:

    Water Resistant and Machine Washable!

    Neoprene is durable and resistant to water as well as a wide variety of weather conditions. Take it to the beach and you won’t have to worry about keeping your bag dry because neoprene will take care of all your belongings. Not to mention, they are machine washable, so just throw them in the wash when you get home!

    Soft and Lightweight

    Neoprene is ultra-lightweight. It is a thick but light material. It’s not like other bags such as leather where the bag will weigh you down. Neoprene is perfect for those days when you want to pack a few things and don’t want a heavy bag weighing you down.


    Neoprene will be able to support all your heavy items without you having to worry about your bag breaking. Neoprene is a cushioned material, so those delicate items like your laptop and phone will be protected.


    Neoprene is versatile which makes it great for bags. Its ability to stretch means that you can always fit in that extra jumper, laptop, phone charger or book. Its soft and lightweight feel make it perfect for strolling around town. No sore shoulders and necks anymore.


    The Sunday Bag:

    It features:
    - 14 pockets in total (internally and externally)
    - a zip closure across the top
    - a separate zippable bottom compartment
    - FREE changing mat
    - FREE matching mini bag to hold babybottles (this could also double as a cosmetic bag etc.)

    Machine washable (cool wash).

    95% neoprene, 5% polyester.
    Measures approx:
     42CM / TOP LENGTH 52CM X WIDTH 16CM X H 33.5CM

    Machine washable (cool wash). We recommend removing the baseboard before washing, and placing bag inside a mesh/lingerie bag before putting in machine.

    PRENE™ is a registered trademark of PRENE BAGS PTY LTD.