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    The Lactation Station - Boobie Blend

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    The Lactation Station Boobie Blend is specially designed for Breastfeeding Mothers.

    Our Blend is the most versatile and affordable Lactation blend on the market.

    Filled with three key ingredients that are enriched with galactagogue goodness:

    • Flaxmeal
    • Brewers Yeast 
    • Ground Pumpkin seeds.

    Add the Boobie Blend to smoothies, cereals, yoghurts, salads, dinners, snacks and baking. It can even be used as a breadcrumb replacement. The possibilities are endless.

    The Boobie Blend has no added sugar which means that this is a guilt-free option for breastfeeding mothers....Plus, it just tastes great.


    Proudly made in New Zealand (from imported and local ingredients)