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    Whisbear - The Humming Sensory Bear

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    Tired of being tired?😔 Get Whisbear The Humming Bear for your baby and say goodbye to sleepless nights. 😴🤗

    Whisbear® The Humming Bear SOFT is our newest addition to the Whisbear family. Using the highest quality and softest fabric to produce a very soft and cuddly Bear.

    Humming Sensory Bear with the CRYsensor feature was created for infants to be their companion from the first day. It soothes children and makes falling asleep easier. A device inside the toy produces the pink noise, which reminds the baby the friendly sounds they heard in the womb.

    How does it work?
    After initial 40 minutes of shushing, when the baby is fast asleep, the sound gently fades away and the device switches to standby mode. During standby mode the device is continuously analysing the surrounding sounds and as soon as it recognises baby's cry it switches on automatically for an additional 20 minutes.

    The CRYsensor function can also be switched on omitting the initial 40 minutes of shushing. The Soft Start function gently switches the device on and the volume is gradually adjusted to the level you had it to when last used. The volume can be also manually adjusted to suit your baby's needs.

    It is more than just a sleep aid!
    To encourage sensory and fine motor development Whisbear has some rustling elements in the ears and paws along with contrasting colours and different textures of fabrics.

    lt advise not to put anything into your baby's cot for the first year of their life - magnets hidden in the paws will help to attach Whisbear® to the side of the cot or a Moses basket but also to a car seat, pram handle or a changing bag.

    Whisbear® is suitable from birth. It is made from the highest quality tested fabrics and stuffed with hypoallergenic filling.

    Our Whisbears® may differ slightly as they are all handmade.
    The 3 AAA batteries required to operate the device are not included in your purchase.

    Box of this product is slightly damage in transport.