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    Love to Dream - Swaddle Up 1.0 Tog Original

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    Organic Cream

    The multi-award winning zip-up swaddle that allows your baby to sleep in a more natural ARMS UP™ position.

    I so love this swaddle - my wee man Samuel loved sleeping with his arms up. We purchased a Swaddle Up and he instantly calmed in it, with his little hands up around his head. I seriously worried about how I was going to wean him off it. We ended up going cold turkey, but now they have the 50:50 swaddle specifically designed for weaning bubs off the swaddle into a full sleep bag. We would recommend after using the swaddle to transfer to either the Inventa Sleepbag or one of the beautiful ErgoPouch Sleep Bags.



    Love to Swaddle Up is the original and world’s first baby swaddle that allows your baby to sleep with their arms up. It was previously called the Wrap Me Up.

    When swaddling, Love to Swaddle Up means your baby still has access to their hands. This can be a great solution for babies who ’hate being swaddled’ or for parents who prefer their baby to have their arms up.

    If your baby wants to suck her hands but still has a startle reflex, then Love to Swaddle Up can help keep her hands in the right place for self soothing.

    Most importantly Love to Swaddle Up ensures your baby stays wrapped all night long!

    Love to Swaddle Up is useful for babies as you are weaning them off swaddling too, as they get used to having more movement and access to their hands.

    Can be used in the baby capsule - buckle baby in then zip over the straps.

    Ideal for cat nappers who aren’t wrapped at night - many older babies sleep much longer in the day if they are wrapped, and this gives you the benefits of wrapping without restricting older babies movement.

    Super fast and easy to use.

    About the Love to Swaddle Up 

    • Unique patented wings allow natural ARMS UP™ position
    • ARMS UP™ allows true SELF-SOOTHING™ = more sleep
    • Swaddle in seconds with no breakouts
    • 1.0 TOG fabric is ideal for moderate climates
    • Single layer of fabric to reduce risk of overheating
    • Certified ‘hip-healthy’ design allows the recommended flexion for hips & legs
    • Twin zipper for easy nappy changes
    • No loose layers to kick off during sleep
    • Available in 4 sizes: Newborn, Small, Medium & Large
    • Fabric content: 93% Cotton, 7% Elastane
    • Easy care: machine washable & tumble dryer friendly



    90% cotton + 10% spandex

    Love to Swaddle UP Size information:

    Please note Love to Dream has now discontinued the Large Size. Please see the Love To Dream transitional swaddles as this is a time where your little one is traditionally starting to roll, and the one arm out will assist gradually with the transition! 


    Size and Care


    Which size to order:

    Please order the correct size for the weight of your baby now. If you order the next size up intending it to last longer, your Love to Swaddle Up will be too big to be effective now.

    Care Instructions
    • Wash before first use
    • Close zipper before washing
    • Warm gentle machine wash in wash bag with similar colours
    • Tumble dry on low
    • Any garment with a tog rating of 2.5 or higher – tumble dry inside out on second cycle for quicker drying
    • Warm iron if necessary
    • Wash immediately after every use
    • Do not soak or bleach garment, iron zip or dry clean



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