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    Solar Buddies - One Sport Sunscreen Applicator

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    Solar Buddies Sports is a new way for us here at Solar Buddies HQ to show how we are able to help people who play outdoor sports stay safe in the sun without impairing their game. Many people who take part in outdoor sports sometimes forget the importance of protecting their skin as they are worried greasy hands from applying sunscreen may affect their ability to play!

    That has now changed!

    Taking a Solar Buddie with you on a day you are going to be out in the sun for a number of hours can literally be a game changer. Not only for your skin but for your game too!

    We are aiming our Solar Buddies Sports to anyone who enjoys taking part in any outdoor sport, whether it be golf, tennis or even athletics. Applying sunscreen before you start doesn’t mean you’re protected for the whole of your game. Re-application is needed every two hours and if having a Solar Buddie to hand makes it easier to apply then it’s a no brainer!