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    Solar Buddies - DUO Starter Pack – 2 Applicators & 2 Replacement Heads

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    The Solar Buddies are the world’s first child-friendly, refillable sunscreen applicators.  Apply sunscreen the easy way, with less mess and no waste. Not just for kids, adults including tradies and sportspeople love it too as no sunscreen gets on your hands.

    Your toddler will think this is the best invention since solid food! The Solar Buddies Sun Cream Applicator will make putting on sun cream a fun task before outdoor adventures. It is simple for children to apply on their own, making it ideal for holiday's, day trips, nursery or school. And because it's compact and lightweight, kids can easily carry it around in their a little day packs and school bags. Its reusable, so just top up with your own sunscreen and your ready to go.  The best part is, no messy hands as the sponge distributes the sunscreen evenly over your skin.

    Starter Pack Duo – Two Applicators plus Two Replacement Heads.

    To use, simply unscrew the head, fill with your favourite sunscreen, pop the lid back on and you’re good to go! It really is that simple!

    Solar Buddies work with most sunscreens. We advise not to use oily or watery type sunscreens (e.g Sprays) as they can leak. For us conventional sunscreens from ‘squeezy’ bottles work best. Thicker creams can work but may need a little help getting to a roller ball. Try the 'ketchup shake' to help it out. Don't forget to clean your sponges regularly with warm soapy water, and if you are not planning on using for a while give it a thorough clean out and leave the cap off to dry.

    Important information

    The lifespan of the heads depends on how it is used and cared for. We recommend the Solar Buddies are cleaned after the vessel becomes empty as the sunblock can go off an be effected by bacteria (see this article for more information as to why you need to clean your solar buddie!). The heads need to be washed on a more regular basis to stop the head becoming clogged with sunscreen. Do not leave the Solar Buddie in direct sunlight or temperatures that exceed 30C. If in extreme heat keep your Solar Buddies in a shaded place. Do not use sunscreens high in alcohol as this can affect the adhesive. If all directions are followed the Solar Buddies can last in excess of 6-8 weeks. We have always managed to get 3-4 months out of each sponge caring for the solar buddie as directed. Sponges can be purchased separately.

    Note Your 

    Fit and features

    Wide neck makes it easy to fill and clean

    Rollerball makes it easy for young children to apply

    Allows you to use your preferred sunscreen

    Ideal for nursery or school

    Holds 100ml - we recommend just half filling so you can clean regularly

    Sunscreen not included

    Please read the FAQ in relation to this product and the products recommendations before purchasing.

    Also available in singles and single starter packs