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Smily Mia - Wearable Penguin Soothing Teether

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Color: Chimney Red
Iron Green
Chimney Red

With a design that’s easy for your baby to grip and ‘nipples’ on both sides for easy locating, this penguin teether is sure to provide comfort and enjoyment for your baby during the difficult teething experience.

  • Wearable & won’t drop:
    The penguin can be worn on baby's wrist, with baby gripping the inside stem, which helps to prevent it from dropping and getting dirty. The inside allows baby’s hand plenty of room and they can also get it out, which is different from a mitten.
  • Natural feeling of Mum’s breast:
    The penguin design also resembles the shape and feeling of a breast & nipple, with super soft skin-like silicone. This works excellently for picky breastfeeding babies.
  • Easy to hold:
    There is a stem inside the hollow penguin body for the little hand to grasp. The nipples are on both sides, so when baby holds it, it's easy for them to locate a nipple and put it into their mouth.

  • Perfect replacement for finger sucking and chewing, and pediatrician recommended:
    Baby’s little hand is inside the penguin holding the stem, which prevents baby from sucking or chewing their own fingers. By bringing the penguin up to their mouth, it helps with their fine motor skill development and hand-eye coordination.
1 Review
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