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    To make your child even more snug, and to provide a secondary method of attachment, we added a leg pouch to the bottom portion of the SmartBlanket.

    All SmartBlankets have 4 velcro attachment points that correspond to velcro patches on the back of SmartSleepersof the same size. These attachment points address the risk that blankets in a child's cot may become loose and cover their face.

    Leading experts in infant sleep warn against using loose blankets, and for good reason. Yet this makes it very difficult to control your child’s temperature, particularly overnight when there may be significant temperature changes. That’s where the SmartBlanket comes in!

    The SmartBlanket attaches directly to the SmartSleeper, eliminating the risk of suffocation but giving you extra control over your child's comfort without having to wake them up to put another layer on.

    The SmartBlanket is available in 0.5 and 1.0 TOG.

    TOG (Thermal Overall Grade)

    The TOG rating system provides information on the thickness and warmth of a clothing garment. This information helps you to take control of your child’s thermal comfort while they sleep. Until now, there has been no reliable way for parents to monitor the temperature inside their child’s sleeping bag accurately, let alone to know the ideal temperature for their child or a means of achieving it.

    All SmartBlankets and SmartSleepers come with a SmartSnugg TOG Rating Guarantee® and are within 0.2TOG of the advertised TOG rating. This accuracy means you can rest assured knowing that our clothing recommendations will have a predictable impact on your child’s comfort and ambient sleeping temperature.

    Fire Hazard Warning

    Complies with AS/NZ Standard 1249/2014r

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