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    Sleep Drops Menzz with Daytime Revive - Sleep Drops

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    SleepDrops Menzzz supports mature men who wake up during the night to pee, so they can fall asleep more easily and naturally. 100% natural formulation that supports going to sleep, getting back to sleep and a healthy urinary system. 

    SleepDrops Menzzz is a herbal and homeopathic remedy to support men specifically with their sleep and relaxation, as well as their general well-being.

    Including 7 natural herbs, 7 homeopathic and 9 flower essentials, SleepDrops Menzzz may assist men normal kidney and bladder function, meaning they won’t be needing to pee so often at night.

    Ingredients supporting the male hormones may also support prostate function, as well as increase sexual drive and libido.


    • Natural support for a more relaxed and restful sleep
    • Remedies to support normal kidney & bladder function
    • Remedies to support normal prostate health and libido
    • Easy to take drops which can be taken as and when needed during the night
    • Great for traveling or shift-work
    • Can be taken alongside other prostate and libido support products, SleepDrops remedies and medications

    How long will it last?

    Each 30ml bottle contains 600 drops which will last you approximately 2 months at the recommended dosing of two 5 drop doses each night.