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    **It is essential that in order for your Smart Snugg Monitoring System to work, that you must purchase all 3 components. These are the Smart Bridge, Smart Pebble and the Sleeping Bag.

    The Smart Bridge and the Smart Pebble can be brought here 


    The World’s First Infant Monitoring Sleeping Bag

    The SmartSleeper has been custom designed to convert to a monitoring system.  Inside the bag is a discreet SmartPocket to securely hold a SmartPebble in place, which will allow you to monitor your child's temperature and sleep position from your mobile device.  

    Imagine not having to sneak around touching your sleeping baby to check whether they are too hot or cold... Or having to check throughout the night that they haven't rolled over while still swaddled... Life changing!

    SmartSleepers incorporate high-quality fabrics - a 100% cotton outer and filling, with an ultra-soft bamboo inner lining which are both warm and hypoallergenic.

    Swaddle option

    SmartSnugg sleepers can be used from birth!  No more tricky swaddling required.  Each 0-3 and 3-12 month SmartSleeper comes with the option to be used as a swaddle, using a simple two press stud system on each of the armholes.

    All SmartSleepers come with a SmartSnugg TOG Rating Guarantee and are within 0.2 TOG of the advertised TOG rating. 

    Fully opening front panel

    The unique positioning of the zipper on all SmartSleepers and the fact that the zipper continues under the child's feet, means that the front panel can be fully opened, making it easier for you to dress your child for sleep and, even more importantly, making nappy changes during a sleep session more relaxing.

    The side-zipper design also allows the SmartPebble to be positioned above your child’s chest to ensure the highest level of accuracy.

    SmartBlanket compatible

    All SmartSleepers are compatible with SmartBlankets of the corresponding size, giving you more flexibility with your layering options, adding and removing layers with much more ease!  No more having to swap out sleeping bags, or wake up your sleeping baby to add or remove a layer from underneath their sleeping bag.

    With every purchase, you will also receive a free PDF Manual Guide with step by step on how to set up your new SmartSnugg monitoring system. 

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