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    Shop Snooze - Smart Bridge + Smart Pebble (White) Component Kit

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    **It is essential that in order for your Smart Snugg Monitoring System to work, that you must purchase all 3 components. These are the Smart Bridge, Smart Pebble and the Smart Sleeper Sleeping Bag.

    The Smart Sleeper Sleeping Bag can be brought here

    Would you like better insights into how your child sleeps best?

    Use the SmartSnugg Monitoring system to receive real time information and alerts about your child's sleep comfort and safety.

    • Monitors the temperature inside the sleeping bag and inside the bedroom
    • Know immediately if your child is on their tummy
    • Receive alerts to your mobile device
    • Use SmartBlankets to make adjustments to your child's temperature.

    Get Alerts & Notifications Direct to Your Mobile!

    You can monitor your child's sleep comfort and safety on the easy to use SmartSnugg App dashboard.

    No more tip-toeing in and out of your child's room to check their temperature or position!

    Access live data about your child's sleep whether you are home or not.

    Ultra-low energy Bluetooth means that your child is not exposed to harmful high energy radio waves

    Customise alerts and notifications based on your child's sleeping preferences

    The SmartPebble is inserted into a safe pocket inside the Sleeper.

    It will be held securely in place and will monitor the temperature, position and movement of your child without them having any idea it is there.

    The Bridge is plugged into power in the room and is a nightlight and room temperature monitor, it is also connected to the local WiFi and send data from the Pebble and the Bridge to the SmartSnugg server. 

    It is essential that both of these are used in order for the monitoring system to work.

    With every purchase, you will also receive a free PDF Manual Guide with step by step on how to set up your new SmartSnugg monitoring system. 

    Use the in App Clothing Recommendation Assistant to get the ideal recommendation for dressing your child based on the room temperature and their sleeping preferences.

    Start and stop sleeping sessions within the App.

    The SmartPebble has a 9 month battery life and is waterproof, meaning you can leave it in a Sleeper for months on end and put it through the wash without a problem.

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