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Qbaby - Lactation Drops

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A homeobotanical combination that provides support for healthy milk flow in lactating mothers. Best use for daily support in mothers who have already an established milk flow. 

Lactation drops complement a healthy diet to help support enough milk flow to keep your baby fed and happy. Babies can breastfeed for years, so it’s best to make sure they get enough nutrients for the long run with a completely herbal support that is easy to take in your busy (and sleep-deprived) lifestyle! 


Use drops straight in the mouth. 10 drops 6 x daily for 4 days and then reduce to 10 drops 3 x daily. 


Fennel, Fenugreek, Nettle, Goats Rue, Vervain, Chaste Tree, Withania, Astragalis, Licorice. 

1 Review
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