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    Purely Baby - Starter Pack Essentials

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    The purely Baby Starter Pack contains all our beautiful Baby Care product range which is a great gift idea for friends and family.

    Included in the pack:

    PB 102 x 2  (Aqua + 70 wipes per pack)

    PB 101 x 2  (Aqua + 20 wipes per pack)

    PB 103 x 1  (Purely Baby Change Mats x 10)

    PB 104 x 1 (Purely Baby Nappy Bags)

    PB 108 x 1  (Purely Baby Hand Sanitising Foam 50ml)

    PB 109 x 3  (Purely Baby Hand Sanitising Spray 10ml)

    RHS 320 x 1 (Skin Safe Dry Wipes)