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    Salted Caramel Protein Balls - Health Lab

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    We are Happy to introduce a game changer for your daily pick me up! Salted caramel and Choc Brownie Protein Balls that you do not have to feel guilty about snacking on.

    – Bust hunger cravings
    – Instant pick-me-up
    – A must-have snack for those babes who like to be powered by plants!

    Protein Balls are such delicious wee morsels but they pack a hefty nutrient punch which is what you want in a snack. Made with natural ingredients and free from gluten and refined sugar, they are conveniently packaged in one serve portions that you can keep in your bag, your car glove box or your gym bag for when you’re needing a snack between meals.

    I also love to take these hiking with me or on long hill walks so that I have something if and when I need it knowing that it won’t get squashed or spill throughout my bag. They are also small and incredibly light so they don’t take up much space. I’m imagining they will be great in a baby nappy bag too!

    These raw protein balls vary in energy between 713kJ to 781kJ per serve which is the perfect snack size, especially for those of us that are active.

    The balls contain between 5.3g and 5.7g of protein per serve which will make a valuable contribution to your daily protein intake. Protein is vital to ensure food satisfies and to keep your blood sugar levels stable. It also provides valuable amino acids to support muscle repair and recovery.

    It is recommended that protein intake is broken up and enjoyed throughout the day in meals and snacks, rather than waiting until the evening and having a huge protein serve at dinner time to meet your daily needs.

    Including a source of protein at every meal and snack is the way to go and Health Lab protein balls certainly help out at snack time in this area!

    Research has found that if you don’t eat enough protein throughout the day you often try and make up for this missed protein by eating more food in the form of carbohydrates and fat which can often lead to an over consumption of total daily energy (i.e. you just end up eating more calories than you need on that day!).

    However, including sufficient protein throughout the day counteracts this and will help to support a healthy body weight.

    Salted Caramel Protein Ball


    Dates, Cashews, Coconut (Sulphite Free), Pea Protein, Brown Rice Syrup, Sea Salt, Natural Caramel Flavour.