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    Porter Green - Package Deal Komaki

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    About Komaki | stylish + sustainable + reusable

    We know you’re busy and we know that 2020 brings unprecedented challenges, so we’ve written an award winning script for you!

    Introducing the next big thing – porter green lifestyle – the director’s cut.

    A series of capsules edited to perfection and expertly curated to effortlessly create the flawless set for a classic happy ending. With cross-over shots to appeal to every audience and designed to set the scene for blockbuster sales, the director’s cut is a sure-fire winner.

    Best of all, each scene comes with a show-stopping 10% discount!

    Lights, camera, action!

    komaki = 1 x solid perss + 1 x solid urbb + 1 x solid driss + 2 x stemm + 2 x fegg

    perss reusable shopping bags | +practical +ethical +recyclable +shopping + sacs

    urbb reusable coffee cup | +urban +reusable +biodegradable +bamboo

    driss stainless steel water bottle | +drink +responsibly +in +stainless +steel

    fegg unbreakable tumbler | +foldable +ethical +go-anywhere +glass

    stemm unbreakable wine glasses | +stylish +travelling +ethical +minimalist +mobile