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Shaped Soother Chains - NUK

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Shape: Crown
NUK Soother Chain, with Clip, Safe and Practical Way to Attach Soother to Baby’s Clothing, BPA-free, 1 per Pack
  • Practical and reliable clip opens and closes easily
  • Hook makes attaching chain to soother simple
  • For soothers with ring
  • Made out of the high-quality and resilient plastics, Tritan and PE
  • In three modern shapes and motifs that are right for children

Grandparents, godparents and other close relatives for the christening or birth really like to give a soother chain with the matching soothers as a gift. Even better, if they are not only practical, but also look good.

With the new NUK Soother Chain there is something for everyone: the butterfly for little explorers, cars for racing drivers or the crown that suits everyone’s taste. The soother chain’s exciting motifs give children their own individual style.

Why use a soother chain?

Soother chains are very practical as they prevent the soother from falling onto the ground or getting lost. Thanks to its simple clip the NUK Soother Chain can be very easily fastened to your child’s clothing, while a hook attaches the soother chain to the soother.

NUK Soother Chains are made of high-quality synthetic materials – reliable, shatterproof and available in a variety of motifs. Ready for use whenever they are required, NUK Soother Chains ensure that the soother stays where it belongs. And with their pretty designs they are a lovely little accessory.

What should parents keep in mind when buying soother chains?

Parents often ask if the safety of their children is ensured with a soother chain. NUK’s answer is simple: yes – as NUK Soother Chains comply with current European safety standards, parents can use them without hesitation.

Just one comment: the chains should not be used in beds or cradles or in the playpen.

NUK Soother Chains – the sure way to keep soothers close at hand.

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