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    NUK - Nature Sense Rechargeable Electric Breast Pump

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    NUK Nature Sense Electric Breast Pump with battery and LCD display, incl. NUK Nature Sense Breast Milk Container 150 ml, 1 piece
    You cant beat NUK for a more reliable, efficient and economically priced product. This is the Go-To product for Mumma's on the go.

    Please note this is shipped directly from our lovely suppliers in Auckland and may be delayed an additional day. If you have ordered any other items from Sleepytot, this will arrive separately.

    • Electric breast pump with rechargeable battery, soft silicone cushion and ergonomic breast shield - for easy pumping of breast milk
    • 16 individual programmes for suction rhythm and suction power, as well as memory function for favourite programme and LCD smart display
    • Operation with battery, power adapter or external power bank, powerful pump unit of max. 330 mbar
    • Incl. NUK Nature Sense Breast Milk Container, teat, screw ring, sealing disc, protective cap and practical carrying strap
    • Can be combined with all NUK Nature Sense bottles and teats

    Flexible and efficient pumping - NUK Nature Sense Electric Breast Pump

    In order to meet the individual needs of new breastfeeding parents, pumping breast milk should be as flexible and efficient as possible. The new NUK Nature Sense Electric Breast Pump, facilitates an optimum milk flow and takes the individuality of each parent into account. This is ensured above all by the 16 different settings, which serve to regulate the pumping rhythm and the suction power. Here both 4 suction rhythms and 4 suction strengths are freely selectable, which can be combined with each other. With the practical memory function, you can then save your favourite programme and retrieve it again immediately when required. The soft silicone cushion and the ergonomic breast shield also helps it fit to your breast comfortably and individually, and the powerful pump unit of max. 330 mbar. ensures even more comfort and efficiency during pumping.

    NUK Nature Sense Electric Breast Pump: for even more control and individuality

    The NUK Nature Sense Electric Breast Pump is equipped with an innovative LCD smart display with which you can check the pumping process, the pumping time and the current battery status directly on the screen. The display automatically adapts to the given lighting conditions so that it can be easily used both during the day and at night. The LCD display is also very simple to control thanks to the soft-touch buttons. The electric breast pump is also ideal when you are out and about: The integrated LI battery is rechargeable and is sufficient for 3 sessions, each lasting 30 minutes when fully charged. If the battery is empty, the electric breast pump can also be used with the supplied mains adapter or with an external power bank. In addition, the practical carrying strap provides even more mobility, as the pump can be carried easily.

    Can be combined with NUK Nature Sense bottles and teats

    The NUK Nature Sense Electric Breast Pump can be combined with the NUK Nature Sense Breast Milk Container (included in the package) and with the NUK Nature Sense bottles and teats. The special feature of this bottle is the tiny teat openings that are based on the milk duct of the breastfeeding parent's breast enabling babies to enjoy a completely familiar drinking sensation and, above all, a more natural drinking flow when using the bottle.