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NUK - Nature Sense Premium Glass Bottle Set

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NUK Nature Sense Premium Glass Bottle Set: the best baby bottle from NUK now in glass as part of a set.

Your baby is finally here! New parents can now look forward to many exciting adventures and to getting to know their baby. Nutrition, in particular, has an important role to play here. The NUK Nature Sense Baby Bottle with its matching teat, which is closer to a breastfeeding parent’s nipple than ever before, provides a drinking experience with a particular sense of nature. With the NUK Nature Sense Premium Glass Bottle Set you are well prepared in one stroke, because the box contains not only three NUK Nature Sense Glass Baby Bottles with their NUK Nature Sense Teats that are as close to nature as never before, but also two additional teats, one of the popular NUK Genius Silicone Soothers “My First NUK”, a NUK Soother Cover, a NUK Twist Bottle Brush as well as a NUK Multi Dry Bottle Rack. This means that you and your baby are perfectly equipped for the beginning and there is nothing standing in the way of a relaxed start into this new life!

NUK Nature Sense Baby Bottle with ;a teat that has a sense of nature – for a relaxed start to your new life

Healthy and carefree nutrition is essential for a relaxed start to your new life. And the more true to nature that bottle feeding can be, the better. NUK has taken up this thesis and developed the NUK Nature Sense Baby Bottle with its teat that has a sense of nature and several tiny openings similar to a breastfeeding parent’s nipple. The baby bottle is made of high-quality borosilicate glass, is BPA-free and particularly durable. The extra-wide bottle neck allows filling and cleaning in no time at all. The protective cap securely closes all the tiny openings, so that the baby bottle also proves itself to be a loyal companion when out and about.

NUK Nature Sense Teats – inspired by nature

No matter whether you want to both bottle and breastfeed, or you want your baby to become accustomed to drinking from the bottle – the NUK Nature Sense Teat offers you and your baby a natural drinking experience: the several tiny openings of the teat are inspired by the milk channels of a breastfeeding parent’s breast and make the NUK Nature Sense a bottle with which babies can enjoy a completely familiar feeling of drinking and, above all, a natural flow. The soft zone is extra-soft and the wide lip rest lets your baby latch on naturally. The innovative NUK Anti-colic Vent makes it possible to drink as if at the breast without a pause and this helps to prevent your baby swallowing air.

Naturally convincing – naturally recommended to others

We are not the only ones who consider the NUK Nature Sense Bottle to be the best NUK Baby Bottle ever developed. Test results also show promising results that clearly speak in favour of this baby bottle. For example, 92% of babies accept the bottle’s teat with its sense of nature, 99% of parents would recommend this bottle to others, and 98% of the midwives and paediatricians surveyed confirm the softness and a feeling almost as if at a parent’s breast.

The NUK Genius Silicone Soother My First NUK

Babies love their soother! With the popular NUK Genius Silicone Soother, we have also taken our lead from nature in order to guarantee a natural sucking experience for the next generation: the original NUK Shape that is right for the jaw, is modelled on a breastfeeding parent’s nipple when breastfeeding and helps reduce the risk of crooked teeth and jaw misalignment. The extra-flat baglet ensures natural sucking movements. Thanks to the smooth transition from the teat neck to the baglet, the soother feels particularly familiar and natural to your baby.

The NUK Nature Sense Premium Glass Bottle Set also includes the NUK Soother Cover, which ensures that your baby’s favourite soother always stays clean and ready for use any time.

The NUK Twist Bottle Brush – for effectively cleaning baby bottles

To make it easier for you to pre-clean your baby bottles and teats, the NUK Nature Premium Glass Bottle Set includes the NUK Twist Bottle Brush, which cleans both simply and in no time at all. The flexible brush head allows a particularly thorough cleaning. Even hard-to-reach residue is easily removed. Thanks to the additional teat brush in the handle, not only the baby bottles but also the teats can be optimally cleaned.

NUK Multi Dry Bottle Rack

Just where do you put all the bottles, teats, soothers and other utensils from the household with a baby that have to be dried daily after rinsing or disinfecting? There is now an answer to this question that is both practical and attractive: the NUK Multi Dry Bottle Rack with its flower shape is an eye-catcher in every kitchen and it can hold up to six bottles and a lot of accessories. Soothers, teats or feeding spoons can be placed in the lattice at the centre of the flower.

  • 3 NUK Nature Sense Glass Baby Bottles, 1 x 120ml S teat, 2 x 240ml M teat, leakproof
  • 2 additional NUK Nature Sense Silicone Teats, S (tea, breast milk) and M (formula)
  • 1 NUK Genius Silicone Pacifier “My First NUK”, right for the jaw, with pacifier cover
  • 1 NUK Multi Dry Bottle Rack for conveniently drying bottles and accessories
  • 1 NUK Twist Bottle Brush with teat brush and flexible brush head
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