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    NUK - Genius Latex Soother Sizes 0-6 Months Twin Pack

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    NUK latex soothers were my wee guys 'soother of choice'.  He took to them straight away after we were given some very fancy soothers from Spain that whilst beautiful, were pretty hard to source! These were the closest I could get to those elusive soothers, and he loved them!  

    I did loads of research before I purchased them, and loved the fact that they were the only soother on the market approved by the British Dental Association and every celebrity I saw had a NUK soother in their child's collection!  Plus they were really reasonably priced hence the reason I choose to stock them!

    NUK Genius Latex Soother - size 0-36 months

    · Extra soft and flexible shape helps reduce the risk of crooked teeth later

    · Natural shape that is right for the jaw

    · 2 per pack


    Teals | Pinks

    Sizes: 0-2 months | 0-6 months | 6-18 months | 18-36 months

    NUK offers the NUK Genius Latex Soother which was developed together with medical experts and its size, shape and the nature of the material are perfect for satisfying the sucking reflex of babies and toddlers.

    Soft channels on both sides make the soother particularly soft and flexible and help reduce the risk of crooked teeth later. The NUK Genius, with its teat shape that is right for the jaw, is modeled on a mother’s nipple as she breastfeeds and gives your baby a natural sucking sensation.

    For a successful start to a healthy future: the NUK Genius in size 0-36 months gives you the peace of mind that you are carrying on doing your best to help your baby’s overall development right from the very beginning.

    Latex offers you the following features:

    A pure, natural product based on rubber softer and warmer and so very like a mother’s breast, extremely flexible and durable.