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    NUK - Genius Latex Soother Sizes 0-2 Months Twin Pack

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    Special size for particularly delicate newborns from 0-2 months old

    · Extra soft and flexible shape helps reduce the risk of crooked teeth later

    · Natural shape that is right for the jaw

    · Latex baglet

    · NEW 2 pack

    Special size for special needs

    Genius soother. It was developed in collaboration with medical experts and meets the specific needs of especially small and low-weight newborns. Why is there a special small size for the NUK Genius?

    Within the first month after birth some babies are very small and have a low birth weight. The following six month will often bring on a comparatively strong growth, which also affects the dimensions of palate and jaw. The new size 0 of the NUK Genius meets these specific needs and is therefore ideal for small and low-weight newborns aged 0-2 months.

    The soother baglet is made of latex. This natural product is warm and soft and similar to a mother’s breast. It is very elastic, extremely resilient and particularly flexible. It does not build up static electricity, so it does not attract dust. That keeps the soother germ-free. It can also be disposed of in an environmentally-friendly way.

    For a successful start to a healthy future: the NUK Genius in size 0 gives you the peace of mind that you are doing your best to help your baby’s overall development right from the very beginning.