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    NUK - Breast Milk Container/ Bottle Adaptable

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    NUK Breast Milk Container

    Without a doubt, breastfeeding is the best a mother can do for her child. But there are situations, when mothers have to bring breastfeeding in line with other activities or commitments. The simplest solution is to express your milk.

    With the help of manual or electric breast pumps, you can express healthy breast milk for your baby while, at the same time, keeping up your milk production for further breastfeeding. This lets you gain a little more freedom throughout the time you breastfeed.

    The NUK Breast Milk Container was developed for the optimal, hygienic storage of your breast milk. The container is suitable for use with the NUK Manual Breast Pump Jolie and all other NUK Electric Breast Pumps as well as for all NUK First Choice and First Choice+ Teats.

    NUK Breast Milk Containers help you store, freeze, warm and even feed the expressed milk without any annoying re-filling. What is more, for a longer storage period, the container can be frozen for up to 6 months. And so that you don't forget when you expressed it, you can write the date in the space provided. As the container can be used repeatedly, is it, of course, not a problem if you boil it.


    Storing: suitable for cooling and freezing - Use with NUK Jolie Manual Breast Pump

    No problem heating - Suitable with all NUK First Choice Teats

    Comes with 4 containers with screw lids made temperature resistant

    BPA Free

    Has measuring scale

    Date space

    Suitable for multiple use

    Modern and appealing motif

    Please Note: product is sent direct from supplier will add 1-2 days courier.